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4. Analyze Blog

Are You Scared of Success?


So you want to be successful. What does it mean to be successful? For some people it means financial independence. For some it means more time with their family, more time to travel, etc. For others it means a bigger house, a nicer car and other lifestyle niceties. But what else comes with success. The unknown is what scares a lot of us. One of the things that may be getting in your way, is your fear of the unknown or your Fear of Success.

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3. Plan Blog

Leverage People and Money


Looking back on December I had a record month. A record month so far. When I looked closely at the deals it became obvious that I had earned a lot of money but I also had paid out a lot of money. I paid a lot of money to sales people and investors.

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2. Control Blog

I Learn As I Teach


There Are Experts Everywhere

I give weekly talks related to Real Estate Investing topics. I call these RISE Talks to coincide with my other RISE products: RISE Boot Camp (my 3 day Real Estate Investor Transformational Weekend) and RISE Advisor which is this Blog. I usually talk about topics that I have a lot of experience in and that I am generally good at, or at least better than most people. I have given 3 RISE Talks on Lease Options and tonight was a topic on Nothing Down Creative Financing.

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1. Educate Blog

Make Money While Learning About Real Estate Investing


Lets discuss how you can make money and learn about Real Estate Investing. One of the best things that you could do is go out and find a mentor, somebody that you can work for in exchange for finding them deals. A combination of bird dogging. You bird dog for them you bring them deals they will teach you some ropes and you get a bunch of experience.

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6. Manage Blog

What Price Should I List My Property For?


Market price and maybe less.

When trying to sell a property, you should pick your price based on you goals. If you are trying to sell a property to get cash for another investment then you want to set an aggressive price. Sometimes the amount of money lost in the price is not as bad as the lost opportunity on another investment.

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3. Plan Blog

The More You Learn, The More You Earn


You can never know everything. The more you learn about Real Estate Investing the more opportunities you will have.

It constantly amazes me how much there is still to learn and that I can continue to learn. I am always looking at what I need to learn to improve in my business.

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5. Invest Blog

Top 5 Skills You Need to be a Good Real Estate Investor



Unless you can get people to come to your business no one is going to buy. So if you have a property you want to sell, if you have people you want to attract or a property you want to rent all that comes down to good marketing. For example: you have a rental property it’s vacant, you want to go out and get a good tenant in there you need good marketing. Same thing for Rent To Own if you are trying to attract the right person for a Rent To Own product.

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4. Analyze Blog

What Do You Look For in Real Estate Investing Education?


I have spent a great deal of time and money educating myself as a Real estate Investor, and continue to do so. What I look for and what you should look for will depend on a number of things.

When looking for Real Estate Investing education you want to make sure you pick education that is right for you. One of the criteria you might use is “how do you like to learn”? Some people learn better by listening and watching so lectures and seminars might be better for them.

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3. Plan Blog

One Deal Helps a Lot of People

token gesture

A Not So Easy Lease Option Transaction

Whenever I do a Lease Option deal there are many people involved. I have systematized the process and I delegate a lot of the activities to other people who benefit from the transaction. Here is a typical Lease Option transaction and the people involved and how they make their money.

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2. Control Blog

Is The Fear of Failure Stopping You?


There are many things that can stop people from becoming a Real Estate Investor. One of the most common is the Fear of Failure.

The Fear of Failure is quite simply a fear that you have that you will fail. People have been brought up in a society to do things in a predefined way. A “normal” way. Go to school. Get good marks. Get a good job. Buy a house. Get married. Raise a family. Retire and Die…or something like that.

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