I really enjoyed this book. One of the few real estate books, if not the only book, that made me think about what I am doing and just didn't tell me what to do. - Eric B. The author does a good job of describing how to invest in real estate in a step by step way. If you're considering dipping your toe into the real estate market, this is the book for you. - Robin Surface The author, Jim Pellerin, certainly has a lot of experience in financial matters. He describes everything you need to do step-by-step and there are several ways to get started purchasing your first property. I'm extremely glad I came across this book. For a measly few dollars, it's well worth it. - R. R Parker Jim Pellerin does a very thorough job detailing all your leasing options and how you can make substantial profit from them. This kind of real estate venture does sound ideal. I mean, if you don't have to invest tens of thousands of dollars with the risk of not getting it back, what's the downside? From reading the book, you definitely get the impression that he knows what he's talking about! - S. Clem

Lease Option Video

Watch this video and find out how Lease Options is a quick way to get started with real estate investing.

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The Author

Jim Pellerin

Jim Pellerin is the author of several books including many on Real Estate Investing. Offering advice and strategies, picking you right investment pproach and how to get started in real estate with no money. His books will truly help you achieve your goals.

A leading authority on real estate investing, Jim also offers training to new and experienced investors.

His books make you think differently about real estate investing and life planning and aim to help you change your approach.


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