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5. Invest Blog

Helping People Using Real Estate Investing

Helping Buyers and Sellers

Our Lease Option program is really helping a lot of people realize their dreams of owning a home. The people that usually enter into our Lease Option program are people with good incomes that can afford to purchase a home but just can’t qualify for a mortgage.

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4. Analyze Blog

Real Estate Investing Diversification

Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

Financial experts and financial planners will usually recommend some sort of diversification in your investment portfolio. As part of your financial freedom planning with real estate, I recommend diversification as well.

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3. Plan Blog

Rentals or Lease Options

Which is the better investment for you?

When deciding on your Real Estate Investment strategy you have to take into account how passive or active you want to be. You also have to look at the risk associated with the expected return on your investment.

Rentals can take a lot more of your time if you are doing the property management yourself. Rentals also have the higher probability of having more damages and higher turnover.

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2. Control Blog

Should I Change My Business Plan?

A question I get asked a lot is whether or not you should change your business plan or investment strategy once it is written. My answer is always, absolutely. It is very rare to find someone who hasn’t changed it to some extent.

When starting out in Real Estate Investing, you should always have a Business Plan. Your Business Plan will help keep you focused and it get’s you to think about what it is you want to do.

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1. Educate Blog

Starting Out In Real Estate Investing

Start with low risk.

There are many Real Estate Investment strategies you can use. Some can be risky and some have a lot less risk. Some take more time and others take very little time. If you are just starting out and don’t really know a lot about Real Estate Investing, I would recommend you start with some referrals and assignments. These have very little risk and it gets you involved in the process.

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7- Sell Blog

Don’t Sell, Refinance?

The Best Selling Strategy May Be Not to Sell.

When looking to sell one of your rental properties you should look at the reasons for selling.

Sometimes, the best strategy is not to sell but to refinance instead.

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6. Manage Blog

Tenant Problems Can Be Distracting

When dealing with tenant problems, don’t let them distract you for too long. Settle fast and move on.

When you own rental problems you will eventually have tenant problems. I see a lot of beginner investors spending way too much time chasing these problem tenants.  I view at tenant problems as my problem. Either I didn’t screen the tenant properly or I used other bad property management techniques.

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5. Invest Blog

How To Help Your Tenant Buyers

Sell them a duplex.

One of the problems new home owners or new Tenant Buyers have is that they can’t always afford the higher monthly payments needed to be in one of our Lease Option properties. The rent we charge has to cover all of our expenses such as mortgage, taxes and insurance. Then we have to add on an additional amount to build up a credit that can be applied at the time the Tenant Buyer exercises their option.

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4. Analyze Blog

Don’t Focus On The Deal

When people first start out in Real Estate Investing they tend to focus on how many deals they can make. They are trying to achieve a certain amount of income so they figure they need a certain amount of deals to make that much money.

But sometimes it may take a long time before a deal actually happens.

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3. Plan Blog

What is a Rent to Own Investment?

They are an investment strategy where a person rents the property from you with an option to buy the property sometime in the future.  How it is structured is you buy a property or you may already own a property and you want to convert that property into a rent-to-own. You decide that you don’t want to rent out that property anymore … for whatever reason.

There are lots of motivators why an investor wants to be in a rent-to-own situation and lots of motivators why a tenant wants to do a rent to own.

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