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You Might be Fat, But Its Not Your Fault

You Might be Fat, But Its Not Your Fault

I want to talk about how you have been lied to and tricked and mislead for many years. There has been a lot of research out there that says that eating carbs is bad for you and eating fat is actually good for you. However, because of what people have been doing in the food production industry and with marketing you have been lead to believe that a low fat high carb or at least high protein medium carb diet is good for you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is just starting to come out again, studies have started as long as 40-50 years ago that have identified this but because research was interpreted incorrectly they started associating a high fat diet with putting on weight. So what happened is when they started taking out all the fat or when they came up with the concept of low fat diet/eating and especially with processed food and manufactured foods they started taking out the fats. What do they do to make that food taste better they need to inject sugar into it or carbohydrates into it.

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Get Off Your Butt and Buy Some Real Estate!!!

buy some real estate

Stop putting things off. The time to buy real estate is “now”!!

Sure there’s always some excuse why now is not the right time to buy. And there are a lot of so called experts who tell you this.

The best time to buy real estate is now.

It’s cyclical … but I can always make money with real estate … no matter what the market. I have so many exit strategies … and as long as your property has a positive cash flow from the start … you will never be stuck … if you do things right.

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