Email – Setting Up Email Marketing

One of the things you need to be doing with your online marketing is you want to be collecting emails. The reason why you want to do that is you want to be able to constantly keep in touch with your prospect base. 

How you collect emails is you go in and you build a landing page where you’re going to be giving away something for free. What do they call it? A lead magnet

For example, let’s say you’re investing in lease options in Ottawa, my area. You create a little report, “How to Invest in Lease Options in Ottawa”, or “How to Make Money with Lease Options in Ottawa”. Then you make that lead magnet available and you actually go and start running ads to that lead magnet. You’ll run some Facebook ads saying “free lead magnet on how to invest in real estate in Ottawa”.

When people go to get that lead magnet, you’re going to ask them for their email and their name. 

So that you can send them that lead magnet. And why that’s important is because you want to build a relationship with those people. You want to start building rapport with those people. 

Then you write a series of emails to follow up with. Email is still a very important marketing tool that people use. 

A lot of people say email marketing is dead. Open rates are down. That shouldn’t really matter because there are more opportunities for you to get emails. So your email list is bigger. So a percentage of your bigger email list is actually a bigger number.

Email marketing is not dead.

Email marketing is still one of the best ways to keep in touch with your prospect base. And remember, these are prospects. So these are people that you can build a rapport with as you build your brand. These aren’t people like your realtors or your mortgage brokers or lawyers. These are people that you’ve never even met. This is cold traffic. Cold traffic is traffic you’ve never done anything with yet. And they just keep watching you. They’re looking for information and sure, a lot of these people are tire-kickers or some of them might even be your competition. 

But the idea is to collect their email so you can do follow-ups and so that you can eventually present them with the transaction. 

For example, in my case, for an investor who wants to know how to invest in real estate in Ottawa, I’m building an investor list for when I have an opportunity for them. Then I post that opportunity as part of the email follow-up campaign. You never want to start selling and you never want to always be selling in your email marketing campaign. You want to be providing value as part of those emails that you’re sending out.

So, it is important to have an autoresponder to do your email marketing campaign. 
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