Marketing Strategy – A Good Online Marketing Strategy

A good online marketing strategy has to include long term traffic as well as short term traffic. Short term traffic (immediate traffic) is created through social engagements or through paid advertising. Sure paid ads gets you some quick leads. But what happens when you stop paying? The leads stop coming in.

Good content and a good brand can last forever. 

A good brand will last forever but it takes time to implement and time for it to be noticed. And most people don’t want to take the time. They are too busy worrying about their day to day business and figuring out how to earn money now. They are too focused on their short term needs. But you have to look at different types of traffic to satisfy both your short term needs and your long term needs.  

A Good Marketing Strategy

A good marketing strategy should look at both of these needs. There should be a short term social and paid strategy and a long term content and brand strategy.

Long term / long-form content establishes you as an authority on your subject. The best long form content you can produce is a book. A book brings authority like no other content type out there. 

Paid advertising is just that … you are paying to advertise. But, you are only paying when people click on the ads you are running. The bad thing about paid advertising is that it can upset people by having them bombarded with seeing your ads all over the place. This is very similar to TV advertising, which isn’t well received.

The challenge with a long term content and brand strategy is that it does take time to see results. Depending on the market and the competition, it could take anywhere from 6 months to 9 months to start seeing any measurable results.

Good Content

A brand strategy is all about putting out good content that represents your message that you want to send to your clients. 

A good brand strategy is about distinguishing yourself from your competition so that you are not just another person out there selling real estate, or whatever business you are in.

The way to really differentiate yourself is by producing and building great quality content. Content is just an “online” way of saying …

producing information that would be helpful to your clients

To really stand out you have to write articles, record videos, create presentations, write blog posts, post social posts and even write a book. But who has time to do that right?

This is why so many people go for the short term solution and sacrifice the long term gain.

The main job of a business owner, professional, realtor, mortgage broker, investor, etc, is to work with their clients. You shouldn’t be worried about your website or your Facebook page or writing your next article.

Are You Wasting Time and Money?

I talk to so many people who are spending all this time working on logos, websites, content, social media, etc., when they really should be focusing on their business and on their clients. 

The other problem with looking after all of your own Internet Marketing activities yourself, is that you are no good at it. Well probably not as good at it as someone who specializes in the internet marketing field. 

It’s very expensive for you to do your own Internet Marketing. You think you are saving money when in fact it’s probably costing you money. The amount of time you spend working on your web site when you could be working on your next deal can be very expensive in lost opportunity cost. Also, you will take a lot more time to do something that you can pay someone else to do who is a lot cheaper and is a lot more experienced.

There are basically 3 types of traffic that you should be concerned about.

Paid Traffic: This is traffic you will get by advertising online through various ways. The most common is Google Adwords (PPC) and Facebook Ads. This is where you get your ad displayed and you only pay if someone clicks on your ad. This is commonly known as Pay Per Click (PPC). Paid advertising brings traffic immediately. The downside is that Paid Traffic can be very expensive. The other problem is that the traffic goes away when you stop paying. It doesn’t last.

Social Traffic: This is traffic you will get by posting in your social media channels. You can post in Facebook and have your post point back to your web site or landing page. The key here is to find the right social media channel that serves your clients best. The downside with social media traffic is that it can take a lot of time and effort to continually post each day. The other problem is that people don’t see your content for very long because other posts come in and push yours out of the way. The posts do stay around but people will have to go and find them.

Search Traffic: Search traffic is traffic created by people doing a search and end up finding your website. Another term for search traffic is search engine optimized. What that means is that you would optimize your content so that google and the other search engines would be able to find your page or post. There are a lot of things that can be done to “optimize” your site. This is by far the most work but produces the biggest results. 

Content you write today could be founds by people 1 or 2 years later. 

Creating content can be expensive but it’s a one time cost. If you stop creating content, the other content is still around and it will still generate traffic even if you stop producing new content. The biggest problem with search traffic is that it can take a long time to see results.

The other thing you will have to think about is what type of content will you produce? How will that content be distributed? What social media platforms make sense for you to be active on, based on your audience? How often will you need to create content and how frequent will you want to post?

So, when looking at your online marketing strategy, make sure you are taking care of your day to day business needs and at the same time, you have a plan for the future.

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