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This planner is more of a success journal that helps people define their life. It comes from years of experience and research of some of the top performance coaches and motivational experts of our time and before. (Color Green)

The Life Now Productivity Planner is more than a daily planner. As the name suggests, it’s a life planner. The goal of this planner is to have its users identify and define their ultimate life and map out the things they need to do to get there. This planner is a planner and a journal. It’s a project planner and a life productivity planner.

The planner starts out with a life assessment of yourself and prompts you to complete some strategic and tactical exercises to map out the journey of living and achieving your ultimate life. The planner is broken down into quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily activities which are all aligned to your ultimate vision and mission.

By using this planner, you will learn to create personal and professional habits that will propel your development and growth in all areas of your life.

Benefits of use:


About The Life Now Productivity Planner:

  • Rolling Quarterly Life Assessment of the 7 life areas defined in the Life NOW Framework.
  • Ultimate Vision Statement: Vision, Purpose, Mission to drive all future planning.
  • Empowering Beliefs and Affirmations: Includes a downloadable tool to identify these beliefs.
  • Goals Planners: Brainstorming, Vision Board, Quarterly and Weekly
  • Financial and Fitness Planners to keep you on track of the important areas
  • Daily Rituals: Map out what you want to do every day so they become habits.
  • Weekly Planners: A Review of what you have completed and plans for what you want to complete next week?
  • Daily Pages: Plan your most important tasks for each day. Notes and journal sections.
  • Objective Detailed Pages: Detailed description of your goals, tasks, and milestones for each objective.

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