Proposition – What is Your Unique Selling Proposition

One of the things you need to be good at in real estate investing is to be able to relay what’s called your unique selling proposition. 

A unique selling proposition is something that’s specific to what you do, and that’s different from what other people do, or at least perceived to be different than what other people do.Β 

What you need to do is you need to identify what that is in your businesses. 

So for example, going back to my business, which was all about lease options, why is your lease option business different from other people doing lease options and why should they do a lease option with you? 

What’s the benefit of them doing a lease option versus waiting to buy a property in the future? 

So you want to list all the benefits in there, and then you pull out a benefit that’s very specific to what people are interested in.

For example, one of the benefits is how I help. For example a unique selling proposition for tenant buyers would be, I help people get into a home today rather than waiting and saving to purchase a home in the future. 

Another sort of tagline to that is why save and rent when you can rent and save or buy and save.

Because a lot of the tenant buyers think when they move into a lease option property that the property is theirs, which it is if they execute on the option agreement. It’s an alternative to them waiting for three years while they’re saving and living in a rental property, when they could have moved into their property of their dreams in a good neighborhood. And then they can continue to save towards their down payment so they could eventually purchase. So you structure it that way. 

Another angle on rent to own specifically for tenant buyers is we help provide buying solutions for people who can’t get mortgages … the alternative mortgage solution. There are several ways to do that. 

On the seller side, you might say we help problem landlords with solutions. We provide solutions to problem landlords. 

We help landlords turn their tenants into an asset.

There are a lot of things you can do with motivated sellers that are investors that are looking to get out of the real estate business but would be interested in continuing to stay in real estate investing as long as they knew they had a solution. 
So that’s a bit about how to create your unique selling proposition. And when I say unique, it’s not necessarily unique, it’s just making people aware of something that could be perceived as unique.

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