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The More You Learn, The More You Earn


You can never know everything. The more you learn about Real Estate Investing the more opportunities you will have.

It constantly amazes me how much there is still to learn and that I can continue to learn. I am always looking at what I need to learn to improve in my business.

Currently I am focusing on learning better ways to market and promote my business. I am looking at how I can use social media better and how I can get more of my marketing online.

I have always found marketing a challenge because it’s not something that, if you do more of. you are guaranteed better returns.

In fact, sometime it hurts you to do too much marketing.

So how do I still learn?

  1. Books – I continue to ready about 1 – 2 books on related subjects. At last count, I had read over 500 books and still reading.
  1. Blogs – I like reading blog articles. Not necessarily blogs on Real Estate Investing, but Blogs on marketing, social media and Blogging. I am looking for ways to use the Internet to market my deals.
  1. Seminars – I still try to attend 1 or 2 conferences or seminars a year. I will pick up a couple of good tips from the speakers but I usually make more contacts through my networking. Even if I only learn one more thing at these seminars, it’s one more thing that I can now use and apply to my next deals.
  1. CDs – If you ever get into my car, you will have to move my binder of CDs from the passengers seat. I am always listening to some CD on some subject. Zig Ziglar refers this as his “Automobile University”.
  1. Teaching – This is probably the best way I am now learning. I am presented with situations that I might not have ever been exposed to myself. Sometime my students teach me a thing or two.

The more you know, the more ideas you will have that you can apply to your actions.

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