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You Might be Fat, But Its Not Your Fault


You Might be Fat, But Its Not Your Fault

I want to talk about how you have been lied to and tricked and mislead for many years. There has been a lot of research out there that says that eating carbs is bad for you and eating fat is actually good for you. However, because of what people have been doing in the food production industry and with marketing you have been lead to believe that a low fat high carb or at least high protein medium carb diet is good for you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

This is just starting to come out again, studies have started as long as 40-50 years ago that have identified this but because research was interpreted incorrectly they started associating a high fat diet with putting on weight. So what happened is when they started taking out all the fat or when they came up with the concept of low fat diet/eating and especially with processed food and manufactured foods they started taking out the fats. What do they do to make that food taste better they need to inject sugar into it or carbohydrates into it.

One of the biggest products they put into food is corn syrup/starch which is very bad for you in many aspects. So for examples, you sit down and have you breakfast and you have some toast with some butter, some cereal and maybe some pancakes and a glass of orange juice. Wow, is that ever bad for you. Juice alone is bad for you, as soon as you take out the fiber out of the juice its all glucose and fructose.

What I eat!


What I have for breakfast and I just started this recently and I have sort of known this before. I used to be a bodybuilder and power-lifter and I was very in tune with nutrition. But again like everyone else I was reading the wrong things. I went in for this low fat diet. I knew about the carbs to a certain extend, bad carbs, good carbs. Vegetables and fruits are good carbs. Bad carbs are pasta, bread, potatoes and rice. For me a good breakfast now is a couple of slices of bacon, a couple of eggs and a bit of butter and maybe a slice of cheese. Now everyone is thinking does that ever sound bad for your heart. Not true at all.


One of the things you need to do if you are looking to lose weight and be more healthy remember the body needs good fat. By good fat I mean non processed fat no fake vegetable oils or polyunsaturated oils, pure butter pure lard (that’s right). So if you are going have a good meal, sit down with a piece of pork chop or a steak and layer it with 2-3 ounces of butter on that, that’s a good meal. Its hard to think this way. That is probably one of the biggest deterrents if you are going to start looking at  high fat low carb diet is you have to start eating differently than you have ever thought of before.


When you go out to eat it’s also confusing. Vegetables if eaten in moderation are good for you from a carbohydrate perspective. This is all based on the Paleolithic diet or the Atkins diet. Atkins was based more on high protein, the problem with protein is as you eat it too gets converted into glycogen so you will gain weight with too much protein as well.


What to eat!


You want to eat a diet that of somewhere between 70-80% of your calories through fat and the other 20-30% of calories through protein and if you have to the balance carbohydrates. The body does not need carbohydrates. The reason they call this Paleolithic is because you are supposed to be eating the way the cavemen used to eat.


You really want to focus on natural meats, fats and cut out all the carbs. Maybe some vegetables but very few, fruits are ok in moderation but no fruit juice. An occasional apple, but you will see that as well cause the glycogen index will show you which fruits are good for you and which  fruits are bad for you. Fruits high in glycogen a lot of fructose in them so a lot of carbs and allot of sugar.


What happens when you eat a lot of carbs and allot of sugar your body starts secreting insulin to help process these foods. Then you got all these highs and lows and you feel tired all the time and the big things is that all this sugar is causing you to become addicted to these sugars. So it is very cyclical. Its almost like what the smokers went through years ago where they started identifying that the more you smoke the more addicted you become and therefore the more you smoke.


Lets get informed about this new way of eating, forget about what you have been told up to now. It is the food industry, the government driving all the these regulations and start listening to the experts because there is allot of research out there now. Fed up is a great documentary that you can look up and start making a change in your life.

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