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5 Books That All Real Estate Investors Need to Read


5 Books That All Real Estate Investors Need to Read

As a base you need to read the ones I am about to tell you. Most people think that Real Estate is about buying a house, fixing it up, selling it or making offers. Sure that is the mechanics of it. However, a lot of people never get to that point. I remember taking this real estate investing course and the instructor said “95% of you will never be involved in Real Estate Investing” A Lot of people go with the hopes of being Real Estate Investor, wanting to change their life but they never have courage or discipline to take it anywhere further.

Think and Grow Rich

This is a basis of a book around what people are talking about now a days. Called the law of attraction. Its how you go out there, how you present yourself trying to put yourself in a place where people will see that you are in Real Estate Investing. Its about discipline, its about rituals, its about really putting your mind in the game. So things like how to get over fear how to do a number of things related to the self help the motivation that you need to know and do to be a Real Estate Investor. Do not underestimate the power of the mind of being prepared to be able to get started with Real Estate Investing. This book is a very important base book and of course you want to implement what they tell you. Remember you have to write your goals down every morning and read them out loud. When you are reading these books you want to highlight the key messages in there and try to implement as much as possible.


Managing content Marketing

As a Realtor as a real estate investor you are going to want to market your products. The number one way people are attracting other people is through online and through online content marketing. This book talks about how to tell a story, about positioning your content and doing it properly. Now allot of people they just start posting things online and have no objective and they have no goal. They haven’t even defined their persona. Meaning, who is the person they are trying to attract and then just start putting out content. They put out content without any notion of providing them with good information.


The studies now show that people want to build their trust with you through the use of your content. So you may be sending them information for 1-3 weeks and maybe even 1-2 months. I think the content management institute said they actually provide people content for up to 6 months before they actually make a buying decision. Also, what they do is they show you how to align your content to your buyers buying cycle. Its a really great book you have to read this book. So that is all about marketing and developing on developing a content management strategy.


Jab Jab Jab Right Hook

Now we have to look at the channel strategy.

The author talks about how to utilize all platforms and he gives examples of platforms. For example: Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn YouTube and some of these things he calls distribution channels and some of these things he calls content channels. He talks very specifically about how to leverage those particular channels based on the types of content that shows best within that social media platform. A twitter post should not be the same as a Facebook post or the same as a LinkedIn post. So really fine tuning your distribution of content through your distribution channel and really doing it the way it should be done. He has another book out there called Crush it, so that might be worth while.


Ten X Rule

This book is written by Grant Cardone, and anything written by him is great. This books is all about how to take your sales to the next level. You may be thinking that you want to make $1000.00 a month. The way he structures the book is he says forget about that you want to make $10,000 a month. You really want to take it to the next level by implementing high standards. So his motto is don’t compete, dominate. His go a number of other books out there so anything by him you should be buying.


7 Steps to Real Estate Riches

By, you guessed it…Jim Pellerin. The reason I recommend that book obviously cause I think its a great book. Also, because it lays the foundation. There isn’t a lot of information in there on how to do renovations, on how to do rent to own or how to rentals but it lays the foundation for you again from a motivational perspective, from a strategy and planning perspective, education perspective. How to analyze properties at a high level, how then do you make investments. My book is not a technical book it is more a motivational strategy book. Think of it as Rich Dad Poor Dad of Real Estate Investing Books.


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