I was an IT Consultant working 80 hours a week for a Big 6 consulting firm making a good 6 figures a year. But I had enough. I've been in search of financial independence for the last 20 years.

I have been investing in real estate for most of that time, I have made millions and I have lost millions. During that time, I did over 100 real estate deals. I have written 3 books on real estate and offer REI training and mentoring. The problem with real estate for most people is that there is a long learning curve and it's hard to get started. There is also a lot of liability associated with owning property.

I was looking for a better solution for myself and for other people who were looking to me for a solution to their financial problems.

I originally looked at network marketing but didn't like the products and services these companies had ... they weren't for me. And I didn't like that a needed to keep selling over and over again.

Then ACN was introduced to me. ACN had everything I was looking for:

  • Essential services that everyone uses (I am actually a customer of most of them)
  • Ongoing residual income that goes on for years and years
  • I only needed to recruit a small number of people on your team
  • The ability to scale fast and make a big income fast
My team goal is to recruit 30 direct members .... but the right 30 members. That's it.

I am currently looking for people who are motivated to build a business and who have an entrepreneurial mindset.

My goal is to earn an annual income of $100K in 6 months and $1M in 2 years from this product. Yes, it's possible.

If you want more information on how to get started, book an appointment and let's have a chat.