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Are You Scared of Success?


So you want to be successful. What does it mean to be successful? For some people it means financial independence. For some it means more time with their family, more time to travel, etc. For others it means a bigger house, a nicer car and other lifestyle niceties. But what else comes with success. The unknown is what scares a lot of us. One of the things that may be getting in your way, is your fear of the unknown or your Fear of Success.

Most people are comfortable with a traditional job. Working 9:00 to 5:00 at a job and receiving a set salary for that job and then retire after 30 plus years of service. Real Estate Investing does not happen on a set schedule and does not provide a set salary. This scares a lot of people. This is way outside their comfort zone.

What if you don`t like Real Estate Investing? Some people get into Real Estate Investing because they don’t like their current job. What if they get into Real Estate Investing and decide they don’t like it either? The good thing about this is that Real Estate Investing can be accelerated so it becomes more passive. The possibility of working at something you don’t like also scares a lot of people.

Real Estate Investing will also be new to you. You will have to learn enough to get started and then you will learn a lot more as you acquire m ore investments. Not knowing what to do will scare most people.

You may not know it but the Fear of Success is a limiting belief that is stopping you from moving forward with your Real Estate Investing endeavors. It is a belief that has been conditioned over the years. You need to recognize that this belief exists and work through it. Don’t let it stop you from reaching your goals and achieving the success you want and deserve.

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