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7- Sell Blog

Don’t Sell, Refinance?

The Best Selling Strategy May Be Not to Sell.

When looking to sell one of your rental properties you should look at the reasons for selling.

Sometimes, the best strategy is not to sell but to refinance instead.

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6. Manage Blog

Tenant Problems Can Be Distracting

When dealing with tenant problems, don’t let them distract you for too long. Settle fast and move on.

When you own rental problems you will eventually have tenant problems. I see a lot of beginner investors spending way too much time chasing these problem tenants.  I view at tenant problems as my problem. Either I didn’t screen the tenant properly or I used other bad property management techniques.

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5. Invest Blog

How To Help Your Tenant Buyers

Sell them a duplex.

One of the problems new home owners or new Tenant Buyers have is that they can’t always afford the higher monthly payments needed to be in one of our Lease Option properties. The rent we charge has to cover all of our expenses such as mortgage, taxes and insurance. Then we have to add on an additional amount to build up a credit that can be applied at the time the Tenant Buyer exercises their option.

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