Education – Don’t Let All The Education And Planning Go To Waste

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When looking at real estate investing, people go out, they sign up for this course, they’ll sign up for a mentorship program, they’ll do some reading … reading all these books and they never really take it to the next level where they become an investor.

I see it all the time, especially on all these forums I participate in … all these online bulletin boards that I read. People are talking about so many details of things they are working on such as I’m trying to do my website. I’m trying to get my business cards done. I don’t know if anybody uses business cards anymore.  There is so much preparation. I need my logo. I’m coming up with my USP  etc … now all that stuff makes sense. Sure but …


Don’t let it stop you from actually becoming a real estate investor.


There’s no reason why you can’t do both those things in parallel. What you need to be doing is you need to be going out at the same time and looking for properties.  That is the only way you are going to learn. 

To become a real estate investor, don’t let all that education that you are going through go to waste.  Make sure that you go out and make sure that you are putting in offers. Make sure that you are actually talking to people. 

Networking is a big part of investing, especially when you are just started out. People need to know that you are a real estate investor that you are involved in real estate investing. There are many ways of doing that. 


You’ve got to build your brand


I see a lot of people and I hear a lot of people who have taken courses and they literally are in their basement reading another book about how to do this or taking this other program.

They are always looking for this silver bullet, this magic thing. I saw this webinar the other day. And this guy was talking about how people can find properties for him. He was putting together a program that he was selling and he was actually recruiting bird dogs at the same time, kind of ingenious actually. 

But during the webinar he said, so what you got to do once you find somebody is you got to get on the phone with them and somebody in the chat room wrote you mean, I actually have to call these people. 


Yes, you are going to have to talk to sellers.


If you ever want to become a real estate investor, no matter what type of real estate investing you are doing out of all the different ways to get involved in real estate. 

You are going to make an offer and eventually, you are going to have to get involved with some kind of communication with these guys. 

Don’t let all your education go to waste. Make sure that you are making an offer and you go to that next step, which is actually investing in real estate.

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