Hi everyone. Today, I want to talk a bit about what to do when building up an education plan and looking at how much knowledge you need to acquire for your online business.

The first thing you need to do is do skills analysis. Looking at all the different skills that you require whether it's presentation skills, product skills, and sales skills and closing skills. And once you come up with those skills, then you can start looking at where the biggest gap. Where do you think you need to augment your education and your training?

The first place is depending on the business that you're investing in and the business that you're in, if it's an Network Marketing business. A lot of these businesses have good training programs. They have training programs on their product. They have training programs on their product, training programs on their techniques, like how to sell on how to recruit and how to close.

Normally, if it's a good Network Marketing product, there’s a lot of good information in there on how you would go about getting training on your product that you're going to sell. And there are two things to look at. 
You're trying to train on how to sell people on your product and also how to get people to build up your team, so how to recruit people on your team.

And that's very important too.

The other thing that you want to look at is where else can you get more information? There's a ton of people out there that are offering information on Network Marketing. In general, there’s lot of books out there. I mean, when I first got started in this a while back, I went online and I just bought two or three or four books that I thought were relevant to the information that I needed to look at. And then I just went through. And most of these books they're not like they're very specific; again, it's Network Marketing product-based. They're fairly good books; you can read them fairly fast. Like, a lot of them say, you can read these books in three to four to five hours. So it's not like a big book.

The other thing you can do is there are a lot of events that these Network Marketing companies have, and you certainly can attend those. Most of these events are focused on motivation. Trying to get people hyped up, right? Trying to get them to get out there and sell their product, which is good. It's just like any other organization, like when they have sales teams, meeting sales teams or sales teams meetings. So those are good.

The other one is online. There's a ton of stuff out there online, whether it's on your Facebook groups, there's things on blogs.

There's a lot of blog information and there's a lot of webinars out there on how to build an online business around Network Marketing.

So that's what you should be doing for education.

So if you like what you heard and you want more information on how to get started or how to scale your business really fast, go to jimpellerin.com. Thank you.

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