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Everyone Is In Sales


You Are Always Selling

Whether you like it or not, we are all in sales. We start at an early age trying to “sell” our ideas and our wants. You are always trying to convince people to do the things that you want done. Sales is everywhere in Real Estate Investing. Whenever you are dealing with people and you are trying to convince them to do something for you, you are “selling”. I’m not just talking about trying to get someone to buy something from you for money.

I’m talking about ‘selling” people on doing something that you want them to do.

When you start out you are probably trying to “sell” someone on the idea of some part of a Real Estate investment.

  1. You may be trying to convince a house owner to “sell” you the house they have for the price you want (more commonly known as negotiation). They want a certain price and you are only willing to pay a certain price. A good salesperson will usually be able to convince the person to sell to them at a price they want.


  1. Later on you may be trying to “sell” a buyer on the idea that they should buy this house from you at a price that you want. You will “sell” them (convince them) of the benefits and features of the house so that they end up taking action and purchasing the house.


  1. The house may be a rental property so you may have to “sell” a renter on all the features and benefits of your property so you will convince them to rent your property.


  1. To fund your investments, you will probably have to “sell” an investor at some point. You will have to convince that a particular investment is a good deal for them and that they should invest in your property. This is the part of “sales” that I like because I can help people get a good return on their investment.


  1. There are a lot of other people that you will be dealing with that you will have to “sell” to get things done the way you want. They include trades people, employees, retail clerks, advertising, salespeople, appraisers, inspectors, lenders, and lots more.
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