So one of the things you need to think about when getting started with network marketing is how to go to market.

What I mean by how to go to market is what do you want to be promoting? Do you want to be promoting the business or do you want to be promoting the product? So it really depends on what you're good at and what you're interested in. So for example, a lot of people get involved with network marketing. They pick fitness products, nutritional products, health food products.

They're very interested in promoting those products and they want the benefits of those products for themselves.

What they do is they end up going into it and choosing a product more related to what their interests are. And so for them, it's easy to promote that type of a business because it's aligned with their thinking, it's aligned with their interest, so they go to market trying to promote the benefits of their product.

The other aspect of it is going to market promoting the benefits of the business. And by that, how you can make money selling these products or these services. So for example, are you selling products out there that allow people to earn a good residual income? How people can make money by recruiting new members… but not new members make money by recruiting a new customer.

Every time you bring in a new customer, you get paid a bonus type of payment.

What you can do with this business, either not just the income potential, but there's the downline potential. So you can build a huge residual business around certain most network marketing products. So that's the business side of it. So you're tired of working nine to five. You're your own boss. You can work from home.

There are all kinds of benefits that you can highlight if you focus on the business versus the product.

And I wouldn't recommend doing both, because first of all, you want to build your brand. And by building your brand, you want to be associated with that brand. So you either want to be associated with the fitness example of the brand, or you want to be associated with the business side of the brand. So how do I make $10,000 a month by selling this product, or by being involved in this business? How I left my day job and now working from home in my t-shirt and my gym shorts? And something like that. So the whole marketing message changes depending on whether you're promoting the business or whether you're promoting the product.

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