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Help! I Have Too Many Leads.


Partner With Your Competition

One of my students is running some ads looking for Tenant Buyers for her Lease Option business. She is getting so much response that she had to stop running them for awhile. I am having the same problem with the ads I am running and I had to stop them as well. My salesman can’t keep up. There are a couple of things to notice here.

  1. Some people are always worried that there are too many people out there doing Real Estate Investing. There aren’t enough leads out there to go around. How can I compete with those other more experienced investors who are looking for the same thing? I have said this before and I’ll Say it again…”You don’t compete, you partner”. Oh yeah, and there are plenty of deals to go around.
  2. Another interesting point is that you need to take action. You may have to change your approach as you go along. Everyone does. Sure you will make mistakes. In fact, I guarantee it.  You will have some unpleasant experiences with your prospects. People will get upset with you. This will only make you stronger and add to your experience.

So run those ads. Meet those prospects. Get that experience. You will also want to start meeting and talking to other investors. You’ll be amazed how opportunities just present themselves when needed.

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