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Our Lease Option program is really helping a lot of people realize their dreams of owning a home. The people that usually enter into our Lease Option program are people with good incomes that can afford to purchase a home but just can’t qualify for a mortgage.

They have a good regular income and enough money for a small down payment ($3,000 or more). These people have a bad credit rating or no credit rating and they are tired of renting. They want to get into a home they can call their own. They don’t want to have to keep moving because they don’t like the landlord, or because the the rents go up or they don’t get along with the neighbouring tenants. Sometimes these people have had an incident in their lives, such as a divorce, job loss, death, etc., that has effected their ability to get a mortgage.

We also help sellers who have a property and want to get rid of it but they can’t because it has been run down or it because it doesn’t have enough equity in it to be able to sell it. These sellers are usually “accidental” landlords who didn’t want the real estate in the first place but ended up getting the property through an inheritance or some other reason. Other sellers are “frustrated” landlords who are tired of bad tenants, repairs, etc. What we do is take over the property for the landlord, cover all their expenses and then put our own tenant in the unit. We manage the property for the owners for 3 years and help pay down their mortgage for these 3 years.

Our programs also help people who are losing their homes, stay in their homes. We can also stop foreclosure or power of sales.

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