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How Can I Learn About Real Estate Investing?



There are several different ways to learn about Real Estate Investing. Here are a few.

Books & CDs

The easiest way to start learning about Real Estate Investing is by reading books. Books are inexpensive and can give you a broad range of what Real Estate Investing really is.

The problem is that there are a lot of Real Estate Investing books on a lot of topics and if you are just starting out you won’t know which topics are right for you.


I wrote my book Real Estate Investing: The 7 Step Solution to Making Millions in Real Estate as an introductory book that gives you a good overview of most aspects of Real Estate Investing. It’s also designed to get you started right away..




Another good source of information is Blogs. Blogs are usually free. The problem with Blogs is that there usually isn’t any organization or order to the information.


Be careful that you don’t signup for a blog that spends too much time trying to sell you something without providing any good content.



Seminars are the short information sessions that are usually hosted by companies offering paid courses. Some are paid and some are free.


These educational seminars are usually focused on a single topic and are about 1 or 2 hours long. Good information is usually provided at these.


Courses (classroom and online)

Courses provide the most information. You will want to start with an introductory class and then signup for more advanced classes once you decide which investment strategy you want to pursue.
These are just a few ways that you can learn Real Estate Investing.

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