One of the things you can do to build your business is to automate it. And by automated, try to generate leads automatically, try to market to leads automatically and try to follow up automatically. Now, depending on the price point of your business, if it's low enough, you could actually get people to convert automatically. So let me just walk you through a typical process. And this process in online marketing specifically is known as a funnel.

So what you would do is you would create a landing page, which you would generate traffic to. And then, that landing page would capture the email address of the individual, the name and email address. And you do that by offering something in return, so like a lead magnet it's called. And the lead magnet is usually something that provides value to the individual that they're anxious to learn about or anxious to consume or anxious to read. And then, they take that and they'll read it. And in exchange for that, they'll give you their email.

And then what you will do over a series of different emails or you will follow up with them in various ways. So you create a blog post, or you create an email with some more content and you constantly are giving them value. So this is all part of the process. So it's part of the nurturing process, part of the developing a relationship process

So it may be that these people will come on board right away, or it may be that it'll take a while to come up to for them to sign up. I've seen people get follow-up emails for four weeks, for months and even over a year where eventually they say, “Okay, I want to sign up with this guy.”

So that's a lot of automation and you can get tools to do this. There are landing page development tools. There are autoresponder form builders. I mean, I'm not going to go into the technical detail, but… 

Building automation can go a long way with you to grow your business.

The other thing you could do is you can have a webinar out there. So that could be one of the lead magnets you give people. So rather than just give them a PDF or a report on something, you could get them to register for a webinar that's very popular. And then, all you have to do is you just have to send traffic to that funnel and you send traffic various ways. Number one would be through paid advertising and you have to do that right away. So that's Facebook or Google ads. And by right away... 

You have to do that short term because it'll take a while for you to build up any kind of long-term credibility, which means, you're sending people through search results.

On Google, when people do searches, the other thing you can do is you can pay for Google ads. So those are some of the ways in which you can automate your process, automate building your business, trying to generate more clients, trying to bring in more people to help build out your team with. If you want more information and you want to learn how to scale fast, go to

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