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How to Get Your Tenant to Pay


How to Get Your Tenant to Pay

Tonight we are going to talk about tenants, problem tenant, when tenants do not pay and one of the ways I found to get them to pay.

I had one tenant who had not paid me for a couple of months actually going onto 3 months. He was 3 months behind in his rent and certain geographical area they have a process where you can go and start using whatever that body is called, whether its Rentalsman or Rental Tribunal or the Landlord Court. Various different names for really the same kind of body. What those entities are trying to do is, they are trying to make sure that the tenant is being treated fairly at the same time the landlord is treated fairly.


What I found in dealing with a number of these entities is that they are really one sided or more so for the benefit of the tenant. Reason is because there has been a lot of bad landlords that really don’t care about tenants. Now in my case, hopefully I am not one of those…when I do have problems with tenants I always feel I am being misjudged.


Lets go back to the first scenario. So we have this guy he hasn’t paid rent in 3 months and he continues to bounce his cheque. Now he comes back and tells me that he deposited the cheque or that he left the cheque for me or made a deposit for his rent. I come to find out that never happened. So he misrepresented himself, so in speaking with my lawyer what he actually identified for me is that this guy is committing fraud. So what my lawyer was able to do is, he wrote a letter to my tenant stating he is committing fraud and that we would be taking criminal action for the fraud and taking him to criminal court.


Now a lot of tenants try to hide behind these rental bodies that exist in municipalities and because we are going outside of that body and now we are going to actually charge him under criminal court its a whole different ball games.


In this case we had $3400.00 a month rent cheques from this person so 3 months rent that is almost $10,000.000 actually over that. My lawyer wrote the letter and I got paid within a week.


So its something to think about rather than trying to always think about working in the confines of a structure. Maybe there’s ways to address things outside of the box.Now I have heard people doing other things to help collect rent, things that are probably not very ethical or moral. From harassment, getting people to knock on their door and all kinds of weird things to help collect rent.


This one is a very good alternative, especially when someone is actually making that effort to not pay you. We found a way to get people to pay rent. We used the criminal court system to do that, we by passed the rental body and we got paid within that week.


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