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How to Market Your Real Estate Investment


I want to talk about how to market your real estate properly. How to market your property your investment, whatever it is you are trying to sell or rent for that matter.

Tonight lets focus on you having a property, whether it is a rental or an investment or a Rent To Own and you are trying to market it.

First of all you need to have a website and you have to publish all your listings on that website as soon as you get them. So of course there is the MLS site and yes that is a good place for people to go. However, if you have your own website it brings more credibility to your offering, more credibility to your listing and allows you to put on more information.


The first thing that I do when looking at marketing a property is I do a video. So this video should be  a very professional looking video, you can do it yourself or you can hire someone. You can hire someone for very cheap, a couple of hundred dollars and you can usually get a good video of the property. Once you get that video you can post it on YouTube, there are a couple of video sites out there daily motion, vimo is another one. However, YouTube is the second largest search engine out there next to Google.


So you get your video, then what I do is make sure to put in the proper tags and a little description in your video about what the property is about. Then you go and create a blog post on your website. That blog post is going to have a lot more information about your property. That is where you are going to put your description and that is where you are going to expand on the content.


In that post on your website you in-bed your video  that you just posted on YouTube. So first thing you take a video, post it on YouTube, then create a blog post, then in-bed that video into your blog post. Really what you have done now is you have created two platforms in which your property is properly represented and because it is on your blog.



The next thing you want to worry about is distribution. When I say distribution you want to start telling people to come and look at your listings. Now what I do is I will post on Facebook since it is the number once social media platform out there, twitter, LinkedIn and maybe Pinetrest and Instagram. Because they are very picture oriented. So what you can do is take picture of your videos, take pictures of the property and put them on the picture based social media.


Now you have people who are following you on Facebook who are following you on Twitter now they have pointers back to your website. I always point them to the website. So the way this looks you have your social media platform. So lets say its Facebook, people see the posting, they will click on the post, that will take them to the website. The website will be all about the property, the video is embedded.


So anyone that is doing any kind of online marketing that is the basic kind of things that you want to do with your YouTube, website and social media platform. This is where a lot of people also stop. So what you want to do is you want to continue to post information about your property on those social media platform. So although you posted on that day, the next day you might post a little article on your website about the backyard for this property and you go to your social media platform and you point them back there again. The next day you might psot a little article about the  bathroom and all the appliances and fixtures in the bathroom.


For any one property you should probably be doing 10-20 posts on that property and each time you have the property address and you are creating another post that Google loves to see lots of posts about the same information. At the same time it all comes back to your website.


This really creates a buzz around your property if you do that properly. You do this over 2 weeks, post on thing about the property, you post the listing itself and then you post each subsequent information about the rooms, the basement, the bathroom, the kitchen but all those posts at the end should say ‘For more information see the listing”


You are trying to create a lot of content around that one listing. Most people they will go to MLS put the property up and say you need to lower the price cause its not getting allot of traffic. This way here you can pretty much guarantee that its going to get some traffic and that is a good approach.


Alternatively, this is free marketing. You can always put in paid media. Paid media are things like Facebook promotions, Google ad words promotion, twitter promotions and you can get into those postings so those are more available to people.


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