Family – How to Use Friends and Family for Real Estate Investments

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Now, this sounds probably very weird to you that you would be going to a friend or to a family member to ask them to be your joint venture partner or ask them to invest with you in a real estate transaction because you’re worried that if anything goes wrong, you’ll never be able to see them again. You’ll never be able to talk to them. They’ll be very upset. 

So, maybe you don’t want to get family members involved in your real estate transaction. The other side of it is a lot of them may not want to do it. They understand what you are doing, but for some reason, they don’t want to invest in your success. Even though you might have a track record of very successful transactions. 


The other side of investing is that people are upset if you don’t ask them to invest.


For example, I had a bunch of people that I used to work with, and they knew that I was investing in real estate. And when I say work with, I also was doing my IT consulting on the side and they found out I was investing and they said, “well, why can’t I invest with you? What would I do to be able to invest with you?”


If you let people know that you are investing in real estate, there is a chance that they are going to start approaching you about your investment opportunities


Especially if you maintain a fairly high profile about what you are doing.

A lot of people, don’t want people to know that they are investing in real estate. So they keep it very hush-hush. To me, that is not the thing to do if you are trying to scale your business very fast. Especially if you want to invest in multiple properties. 


The way you invest in real estate and grow your portfolio really fast is by bringing in third-party investors.


These people are out there, these people are looking for you to invest in.

Another place you can go to find real estate investors is through the local real estate investment associations. These are real estate groups that meet every now and then. I’ve even put ads with these groups. 

When I have investment properties that I’m looking for investors for, I put ads out on the classifieds on Kijiji, on Craigslist, or in the various sites like Trulia or Zillow or whatever sites are out there.

You can put ads out there saying you’ve got this property and you are looking for an investor to help invest.  You have to be a bit careful about those types of postings. 


There are a lot of people out there with a lot of money and they are looking for a place to park their money that is safe, secure, and that will give them a good return.


Real estate is probably one of the best ways to do that. Even in times of fluctuation. If you hold onto real estate long enough, it will give you a better return. It may be that people are upset that they have to stay in the deal a bit longer, but that’s cyclical. You just have to understand where you are in the market and where you are investing property. That comes with experience. And that is what people are looking for you to provide.

You will be the person that will be doing all the heavy lifting, going out, finding properties, making sure that everything’s in place to do the deal, whether it is a fix and flip, whether it’s a rental, whether it’s a rent to own.


All an investor would be doing would be investing cash and writing a check for their portion of the investment.


If you like what you heard and you want more information, how to get started with real estate investing or how to grow your portfolio really fast, go to invest.jimpellerin.com


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