Hi, everyone. Today, I want to talk a bit about what's the best social media platform to use for your online business.

So the quick answer to that is it depends. It depends on the product that you're selling and depends on what and who you're trying to recruit. If you're looking at an online business from a network marketing perspective, you're possibly looking at recruiting people to help you build out your team and build out your downline.

The different social media platforms that are pretty obvious are things like Facebook and Instagram. I put those two together because Instagram is owned by Facebook, and is just the visual version of the picture version of the video version of Facebook. Certainly, it's been cutting a lot of attention. The other thing is age and demographics that you're looking at anybody that's going to be purchasing your products or helping you build out your team.

So Facebook would be very good for attracting demographic, it's a general demographic, people out there looking for information, they're having fun and they're chatting with friends, relatives. It's not necessarily a business-oriented type of discussion. 

Facebook would be a good place where you would attract individual people.

People may be entrepreneurial type people, maybe people looking to buy things. So you could definitely do some marketing on Facebook and Instagram to attract that level of clientele.

Another big platform that I recommend is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is if you're looking for people that are more business-oriented, people that are looking at maybe starting an online business, and people that are in a current business and looking for a change. So it depends on how you position your marketing and depending on how you want to promote your business. LinkedIn could be a perfect place to promote your business and maybe your product depending on your product.

LinkedIn is about trying to get people on board to help fill out your team, to help build a downline, to help promote your business, to help you grow your business through your network of people that you would be recruiting.

And then Facebook might be more product sensitive, meaning you're promoting your skincare line, you're trying to promote your juice company or even your essential services company.

So those are the two that I would focus on. I mean, there's a bunch of others out there, like Snapchat, like Twitter, like Tic Doc. And sure those all work. But Facebook and Instagram are definitely the top ones, and so is LinkedIn from a business perspective. So if you liked what you heard and you want more information on how to get started with an online business and how to scale your business really fast, go to jimpellerin.com. Thanks very much.

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