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I give weekly talks related to Real Estate Investing topics. I call these RISE Talks to coincide with my other RISE products: RISE Boot Camp (my 3 day Real Estate Investor Transformational Weekend) and RISE Advisor which is this Blog. I usually talk about topics that I have a lot of experience in and that I am generally good at, or at least better than most people. I have given 3 RISE Talks on Lease Options and tonight was a topic on Nothing Down Creative Financing.

The interesting thing is that I learned something new from my students almost every night. One night I learned of a unique way to create motivation in a seller by getting them to participate in the profits of a Lease Option deal (thanks Greg). Another night, I learned another exit strategy for my Sandwich Lease Options. Rather than do a double closing, why don’t I just assign the contract I have with the seller to the buyer and they end up buying directly from the seller. This helps avoid some land tax problems that you may have with doing 2 closings on the same day.

Tonight I learned from a Mortgage Broker who was in the audience about an interesting product that is available to everyone. You can declare a second home as owner occupied (vacation home, relative, etc.). This reduces the amount of mortgage insurance you need. In conjunction with this 2nd home program, there is 100% financing for that property.

Teaching is also Networking,

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