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What Do You Look For in Real Estate Investing Education?


I have spent a great deal of time and money educating myself as a Real estate Investor, and continue to do so. What I look for and what you should look for will depend on a number of things.

When looking for Real Estate Investing education you want to make sure you pick education that is right for you. One of the criteria you might use is “how do you like to learn”? Some people learn better by listening and watching so lectures and seminars might be better for them.

Other people learn better by actually doing something and getting involved, so workshops and mentoring might be better for them. Still others, might like learning by reading and taking notes. Remember though, whatever learning technique you chose, you still have to take action to be an effective Real Estate Investor.

Another criteria you should use when selecting Real Estate Investing education is the investment strategy you have chosen. You should start out with basic fundamental education then start getting more specialized. For example, if you have decided that “buy, rent and hold” is your preferred strategy then you would want education focused on property evaluation, financial assessment, property management, etc. If Lease Options is your strategy your education needs would be quite different. Of course, you may want a bit of general knowledge about all of these so you can at least recognize the opportunity if one presents itself.

Still another criteria you would use is your current skill level and experience. For example if you are a registered accountant you probably don’t need much education on finances. You may need some education on how to sell though.

And the last criteria I am suggesting you use is the company or person who would be providing the Real Estate Education or who has written the book or books you are reading. How experienced is this person? Are they more interested in providing training or they really interested in “making you a Real Estate Investor”. Be very careful when you sign-up for courses or seminars. Some of them are really glorified sales pitches. However, some of them provide a lot of value and are even free. A free seminar that provides a lot of content and talks a bit about the “pay for” sessions at the end, is well worth it. Besides you probably want to know what else they have to offer if you like what you heard.

I have probably spent over $200,000 on my own Real Estate Education. This is 10 times more than what I paid for my University degree. This seems about right, since I am well on my way to making 10 times my employment salary.

How much do you think YOUR education is worth?

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