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Make Money While Learning About Real Estate Investing


Lets discuss how you can make money and learn about Real Estate Investing. One of the best things that you could do is go out and find a mentor, somebody that you can work for in exchange for finding them deals. A combination of bird dogging. You bird dog for them you bring them deals they will teach you some ropes and you get a bunch of experience.

How this would work, once scenario. For example: I am always looking for someone to bring me deals. So you would meet with me and what I would recommend is getting 2-3 potential investors. Figure out what it is that I am looking for. So in my case I do a lot of Rent To Own and Lease Options. So I am looking for tenant buyers and I am looking for investors. Cause what I do is I do Joint Ventures for the purchase

Tenant Buyers

So what you would do is figure out where to find tenant buyers. I coach you through this. So tenant buyers, the first thing you would do is find out who would know people that would not qualify for a Mortgage. “Mortgage Brokers, Bankers and anyone in the loan business.” What you do, is you start talking to people. You ask them if they ever have anyone who is looking to get a loan or a Mortgage and can’t qualify that might be interested in this Rent To Own program. So that is how you would find tenant buyers for me or people who do not qualify for a mortgage for my Rent To Own Program.


The other thing I am looking for is Joint Ventures partners or Investors. Now my program is structured such a way that it is a really turn key, hands off approach. So what that means is that these potential investors are really going to have a hands off experience. Sort of like guaranteed investments certificate. In my case, they never see a property, a tenant all they have to do is work with the Realtor, so they make an offer on the property and get a mortgage and finally meet with a lawyer to close the deal.

If you are the person bringing me investors you have to go out and find a place to meet these people. These people are people with disposable  income, they usually have between $300,000 – 1,000,000 of cash or equity that they are looking to invest and they can qualify for a Mortgage. So these are your typical professionals, any kind of organization. Going to networking events you will meet Investors.

The best way to gain knowledge or the best way to learn and make money is by finding a mentor to work with. As I said you will be bringing me investors and what I would do is  I would actually compensate you or give you a commission for bringing me tenant buyers, for bringing me investors, for putting the deal together. So you can make anywhere from $3000-$10,000 on a typical deal with me. At the same time I am teaching you.

I have posted ads where I have asked people to come in and work for me on a commission only or intern position.  I have had people say that is a cheap way to get labor. Well the amount of experience that I have and the amount of experience that I can relay to somebody that works with me is way more than what I can pay you in a salary. In fact, to go to University to learn this information you would actually be paying them so this is free education, plus you are earning a salary or a commission based compensation.

So its a win-win for both of us. I have the opportunity to get deals and the opportunity to train you and you have the opportunity to learn and you have the opportunity to bring me deals. Its a win-win situation like I said and it’s very easy to get started. If you work with a bunch of investors they will teach you what it is that you need to know to go out look for these deals. There is tons of opportunity out there for you to learn and you don’t have to go to school for this to be able to do this.

Alternatively you can pay a mentor that guarantees that they will get a deal for you and you can earn your money back the first deal.

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