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Make More Money by Exercising


Make More Money by Exercising

What I am talking about here is exercising, feeling good, giving you more energy. Today is January 31st 2015 and I just completed 31 days of exercising. Everyone thinks you cant exercise every day, sure you can. The type of exercises that you need to do, let’s qualify that.

Everyone thinks they need to get up go to the gym spend half an hour or an hour on a treadmill, workout with weights for another half an hour. So you are at the gym for an hour an hour and a half and then it takes them half an hour to get there and half an hour to get back. So by the time you get your workout, you probably invested about 2 hours of time. What I have, is I have this little multi gym, I get in there and do maybe 30 minutes in total. What I do is a simple set of what is called giant set. I know a little bit about exercise I used to compete, I was a bodybuilder at one time and I didn’t compete there but I was a powerlifter and competed there.


Yes I was one of those gym rats that was in there for those 2 hours. The key thing you want to focus on is high intensity, short bursts types of exercises. For example: what I do is one day I will get in and do latt pull downs which exercises the back, I do bench or chest presses which exercise the pecs and then I will do shoulder presses. Then I will do 3-5 sets of those. As you develop muscle that muscle will actually burn more calories after your workout. Where as if you are jogging once you leave the gym all that calorie burning stops.


Other days what I do is I will focus on abs more, I will do some triceps, some biceps and a little bit of leg workout and just alternate. Again I workout about 20 minutes a day but I have worked out for 31 days and things are going great. I have a lot more energy. The key thing to remember is that as you are exercising if you are doing it for weight loss the first week you will lose weight. Also, you want to adopt a more healthy diet.


When I say you exercise more you make more money really if you adopt a healthier lifestyle you will make more money. That means all around exercise, nutrition, sleep and doing what makes sense. You institute a good workout or exercise program and the first thing that is going to happen in conjunction with your diet is your are going to lose weight. I lost 5-7lbs within the first 2 weeks. Now what is happening now you start developing. Now muscle weighs more than fat so as you lose fat and as you gain muscle you will sort of plateau for a few weeks. Then what is going to happen is after you gain that muscle, that muscle is now going to start burning fat. As long as you are eating the right diet, the right foods you will be able to lose weight.


It also releases endorphins, it really gets you going, it helps boost your metabolism and helps boost your energy.


The reason it also helps you make money is a couple of things. Exercising on a regular basis it creates discipline or consistency. Now a lot of studies have been done and it says you do anything for 20-30 days, actually the study that I am going to follow is that if you do something for 66 days it becomes a habit. The overall benefit of exercising from a health perspective.


Physical fitness will lead to fiscal fitness. So if you can focus on the body, focus on your exercise a lot of that energy will fall over into your financial and wealth planning.


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