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Motivation, Not Desperation


Find people who want your help

When looking for motivated people make sure you are looking for people that want your help. Not people that think just because they are desperate they will use your service. Or that you are taking advantage of them.

Motivated people are people who are experiencing some unforeseen circumstances and are looking at your offer as a solution to their problem.

Don’t you think of these people as desperate either. I never enter into a deal where the other party says that I am taking advantage of them. If this is what they are thinking, then I walk away from the deal and wish them good luck.

To avoid someone thinking negatively of you and your offer, you have to make sure they understand that you are there to help. You work with them to find out what their situation is and maybe there is more than 1 solution to their problem. We try to come up with the best solution for them as long as it meets our business model.


For example, we do a lot of Lease Options so we are always looking for motivated people that we can help. These people usually come to us because they have been turned down by a bank and they can’t get a mortgage to buy a home. What we do is we will buy the home for the person and then Lease Option it back to them. The first thing we do is have them visit a mortgage broker and have a credit check done. About 10% – 15% of these people actually end up qualifying for a mortgage and they don’t even need our help.
So, we didn’t get the deal, but we got a great referral.

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