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What is Buy Rent and Hold Real Estate Investing?

It seems this industry likes to come up with all these different kind of fancy terms and makes it a little difficult for people to get involved in Real Estate Investing. Really, buy rent and hold investing is a rental property.

What they do is they call it a buy rent and hold because first of all you have to buy the property. So that means going out looking for a property that you are going to eventually going to own. Then you are going to buy that property and then once you buy the property you have it under title you actually own it then you rent it out. What that means you go out and you look for tenants and you advertise for tenants, you obviously you get the property ready.

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3. Plan Blog

Always Have An Exit Strategy

Know What You Will Do Before You Invest

Whenever you are looking at acquiring an Investment property, you should always know what you plan on doing with it.

You need to know your exit strategy.

Your exit strategy may also include a number of things to prepare for this strategy.

Your exit strategy will also influence how you acquire properties and what you are looking for in an investment property.

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3. Plan Blog

How to Get A Property to Cashflow in Any Market

I hear it all the time. “Well I want to invest in Real Estate but to do that you need to get a 2,3 OR 4 plex. I can’t make any money buying single family homes because I can’t get a property to cash flow in this market.”

What they mean is that the cost of buying that home is so high that the expenses will exceed the rents that you can charge for that neighborhood.

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