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3. Plan Blog

Leverage People and Money

Looking back on December I had a record month. A record month so far. When I looked closely at the deals it became obvious that I had earned a lot of money but I also had paid out a lot of money. I paid a lot of money to sales people and investors.

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2. Control Blog

I Learn As I Teach

There Are Experts Everywhere

I give weekly talks related to Real Estate Investing topics. I call these RISE Talks to coincide with my other RISE products: RISE Boot Camp (my 3 day Real Estate Investor Transformational Weekend) and RISE Advisor which is this Blog. I usually talk about topics that I have a lot of experience in and that I am generally good at, or at least better than most people. I have given 3 RISE Talks on Lease Options and tonight was a topic on Nothing Down Creative Financing.

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1. Educate Blog

Make Money While Learning About Real Estate Investing

Lets discuss how you can make money and learn about Real Estate Investing. One of the best things that you could do is go out and find a mentor, somebody that you can work for in exchange for finding them deals. A combination of bird dogging. You bird dog for them you bring them deals they will teach you some ropes and you get a bunch of experience.

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