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Why Real Estate Investing?


Giving you the truth about Real Estate Investing and how real estate business and life interact. So tonight we will talk about the future and why you want to do real estate investing.

So “why” is always the big questions whenever you start any endeavor! For anything you do It’s got to have some meaning, you have to have some passion you have to understand why it is you want do what you are doing. Determine the reason you want to get in Real Estate Investing.

The main reason for most of us is to make money but also its because it gives you the opportunity to do something different or something that you have always wanted to do. A lot of people are stuck in their dead end jobs and trying to get away from it. They are looking for an alternative, they are looking for freedom. They are looking for different ways to make money, passive income right! Because they want to spend more time with their families, they want to travel, they want to do the things they’ve never done. They are tired of that 9-5 job. Also, they are tired of what they are contributing.

As a Real Estate Investor if you are making good money at it and doing things well, it gives you a lot of freedom. It gives you the ability to do things you never could do before. The idea of working in a dead end job for the rest of your life, it’s just stupid in my opinion. If you think you want to change and think you can take Real Estate seriously and want to get out of that 9-5 routine then you need to sit down and determine for you what the “why” is. Keep in mind as with everything you have to have some passion, and the passion comes from the ‘Why”. Again, real estate investing is the vehicle to satisfy the “why” it helps you achieve or at least it helps you work towards what it is you are trying to achieve as far as freeing up your life and doing the things you want to do .

Most people think it’s because they want to be rich they want to drive the big Porsche or own the big mansion or they want the big boats. Sure there are a lot of people that want that. But mostly its people looking for a different way of life a life that is more enjoyable, a life that is more complete, a life that is more satisfying. Working towards something that you will really be proud of.  Real Estate Investing allows many to open up their life to new possibilities, possibilities they never thought possible with the restrictions that a 9-5 job places on them.


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