Hi, everyone. Today, I want to talk a bit about what skills you need to be a good online business owner, specifically network marketing.

So a couple of the things you're going to need is good communication skills. And by that, you're going to be able to talk to people. And it's not just talking down to people where you're telling them what you need to do, or you've got to build rapport and being able to be generally a nice kind of guy. So when you talk to people, it's not just like, how's the weather. 

If you want to understand their needs, their principles, and be able to get people to, build a rapport.

The other thing you need is because you're going to be trying to get these people interested in your business. You're going to have good presentation skills. And by that, you're going to be able to present to them your business and why it makes sense for them to come on board with your business. Because what you're trying to do here is you're trying to recruit people to help you build your business. So you want to present to them the opportunity and you want to be able to get them to sign up with you. 

Another thing is prospecting. So going out, looking for people and that could mean online prospecting through your social media, just going out and doing a simple outreach or running advertisements, which leads into your marketing. And also just generally talking to people, this could be offline as well. So if you're out at a restaurant and you see somebody that you might want to recruit for your team, you go up and you talk to them, “Hey, what are you doing to make money? Have you ever thought about starting your own business, your own online business?”

So just general prospecting, and you don't want to do it so that it sounds too scummy or spammy through their face. And that’s why these types of businesses have such a bad name, the old kitchen party kind of presentations. But I do a lot of online marketing and you can approach people differently and you want to have good PR prospecting skills.

And the other thing I talked about marketing and generally marketing skill, the ability to advertise to market. And I do a lot of social media marketing, so we can do Facebook ads, we can do Google ads and the kinds of things you're looking for. 

The kinds of content you're trying to get people interested in is working from home, having their own business, early startup costs.

All the different sort of key points’ benefits that people are might be interested in coming on board with you. 

And then finally closing, you have to be able to close. You have to be able to make an offer and you have to be able to ask for the close. So it's okay to say, “Hey, I've got this interesting business, this is what it can do for you.” But at the end, you got to say, “Do you want to sign up or let's get you on board?” Or, “There are many different closing techniques. It's only 199. Do you have a credit card handy all signed up right now?” So there's different ways to close people. So you've got to develop those skills too. 

So those are all of the skills that you need when you're trying to build up your team. So if you'd like more information and you want to figure out how to get started in this business and how to scale really fast, go to jimpellerin.com.

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