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Stop Wasting Time on Things That Don’t Matter


Stop Wasting Time on Things That Don’t Matter

Today I will talk a bit about the how you get started in real estate investing and what it is that you really need to be doing and what you really need to start to set everything up. So the number one number one priority when you’re involved in real estate investing if you are  like most people that get involved because they want to make money is to start making money.

Alot of people think they need this big business plan, they need to build these flyers, need business cards and the websites. Sure you need all that as you progress but the first thing you need to do is you need to do a deal you need to put money in your pocket so that you can start earning so you can start paying for some of these things.

Those deals can be earning you income, either as a monthly income or in the case of lease options which I do a lot through deposits and monthly credits and through back end sales. So the first thing you need to do as I said is make money. The number one easiest way to make money to get started real estate investing is to go out and  find deals for other people.

Go out start feeling your way through this whole business talk to some investors like myself and ask what they’re looking. Go out talk to a few people start doing some searching start evaluating some of the deals for these particular investors start putting some deals together assigning to those people and start learning a little bit about real estate investing. Don’t think you can do all this on your own. Stop wasting time on these non productive things. So again, just because this guy that you are trying to model like Donald Trump let’s take for example.

You want to become this huge Real Estate Investor you want to offer all these training programs you want to have all this to fancy-looking flyer’s website and business cards. Some of the most successful people I know in real estate investment don’t have any of that. They get online and find a deal that is interesting to them either make an option or make an offer on that deal. They carry that deal they find an investor to buy that deal, either assign it to somebody else were they make 2-3-4-5 thousand dollars or they put it under contract or a lease option and they may make $5-$10,000 dollars on that deal.

It’s not hard to make money when you get started in real estate investing.  Don’t waste your time spending all of time on supporting things that really you don’t really need if you are not making any money you know I mean. You can’t grow a business if you don’t have a business so  focus on getting the business started first.  Focus on bringing  income and then you can start looking at the building the presence building your brand becoming the top real estate investor in your area.

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