One of the things you have to consider about when you're running marketing, or when you're talking to people is what you're trying to sell these people or what you're trying to encourage these people to do. 

And a lot of people will lie, they get nervous or they get resistant because they think that they're trying to push something on somebody, they're trying to sell them on these ideas or they're trying to scam them. And there are lots of different ideas that go through people’s heads when they try to talk to people about the possibility of becoming a member of their team, specifically in Network Marketing, because Network Marketing has a bad rap because there are a lot of people out there that have done a poor job at their Network Marketing business.

And also but there's a bunch of pyramid schemes out there, which get confused with them along the lot as well.

The thing about Network Marketing  is just a financial model that allows you to make even more money than you would if you were just trying to do direct selling without Networking Marketing.

Because what you're doing with MLM, you're selling two things, you're selling the business and you're selling the product. So that comes back to the point, I'm trying to make about what you tell people. What you're trying to do is you're trying to help people.

You're not trying to sell them on anything. You're trying to get them involved in either the business.

And so, these are people that are either, don't have a job right now, or looking at generating a second income, or there may be people that are trying to get out of their day job. They're people that are stuck in their day-to-day grind. I know people that were running a million dollar businesses, but never had a life. And they got out of the business to get into Network Marketing so that they can create a more passive income stream for themselves and a better lifestyle for themselves.

And the other thing, depending on the product you're selling, but most of these products if you believe in the product, it should be easy to sell. And a lot of the clients or a lot of the team that you're building can also become customers. So it depends on what you're trying to sell, if you're trying to sell the customer on the product or if you're trying to sell the agent on the business. So those are a couple of things to think about when you're talking to people. And don't worry about any negative feedback, because really if you focus on the fact that you're trying to help them, everything else should come secondary to you. 

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