Hi everyone. Today, I want to talk a bit about what a Downline is in Network Marketing?

So they call it a downline, because it's down below you.

So it is the group of people that are going to help sell the product that you are sponsoring for you.

So in my case, I have a group of people that I've sold the product to. And then, these people are also having decided they want to be doing the same thing. So what they're doing is they're going out and they're hiring people, they're sponsoring people and getting people to sell the product for them. And those people are doing the same thing. So what happens anytime, any of these people sign up for the product… and the product that we're selling is actually a consumable product, a product that has a residual income.

And by residual income, I mean, there's two types of residual incomes. There's the residual income from membership fees and there's residual income from product consumption. So for example, in our case, we sell services, telecommunication services, electrical services, phone services.

And every time somebody pays their bill, I get a commission off of that. I get a commission off people that I've sold directly to, and I get a commission off anybody in my downline.

And again, those are people that have purchased that product and have gotten other people to sell the product for you. So this is how network marketing works and how it gets to be a big venture where you can literally have thousands of people in your downline, which is what people do when they get into the $10,000 or $50,000 a month type of income. So there's a long list.

And usually, in our case, again, there's five levels such you get, basic levels, and then you can also get more levels as you progress in the ranks of our company. So as you become a regional director, as you become a vice president, then you actually get commissions on further down line. So I think you can get up to 10 different levels. So that's why it's called network marketing.

Okay. So that's what's called a downline in network marketing.

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