What Type of Business Should You Be Starting NOW.

Hey, everyone. Welcome to Top Essential Services. This is the first video in a series of videos that I am going to be doing around Network Marketing and what type of business it is that you should be doing right now. 

As most people know, I've been in real estate for 25 plus years. And one of the things I've been struggling with is how to answer the question to real estate investors or anyone really in the real estate industry asking: what should we be doing to prepare for this pandemic? 

Currently in real estate there is a bubble because there is a lack of inventory.

What’s happening is prices are increasing and prices are skyrocketing.

In some cases, I heard someone just sold a house locally here, and the people that bought it actually had to buy it for $100,000 over asking. It’s crazy. Some of these houses get listed and they get like 20, 30, 40, and 50 offers on one listing. I think that is not going to last forever obviously. 

What is going to happen is eventually there is not going to be any houses. 

With all these shutdowns, people are going to be out of work. There are going to be very few people buying properties. You are going to see a drastic decrease in sales and drastic decreases in decrease in property prices. So what should you be doing in the middle of this pandemic?

What I think you should be doing is looking at alternative income sources.

Especially if someone listening to this is out of work right now. There is a huge opportunity here to get onboard with a network marketing company, specifically the one I'm working with.

The reason I say that is because they focus on telecommunications and network services and essential services. And the reason why that's so important is because these services are services that people are going to need all the time. They are also people who will be buying these services will be wanting to use these services on a regular basis

And for people who aren't working, you are able to generate income from signing people up for these services and getting people to use services on a regular basis.

The other big thing is this is a very good correlation with real estate for anybody buying a property or anybody moving into a property. If you are a real estate agent and if you are a buyer's agent and you have somebody who is moving into a house this product is an easy extension to be able to get people to sign up for your services that you are offering

That is where I am right now with what you should be doing during this pandemic. 

If you want more information, go to jimpellerin.com Thanks very much.

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