I detest Network Marketing. So that's one of the responses I got today, when talking to this particular person about this new opportunity that I'm trying to promote. And so it's interesting. Network Marketing has a bad reputation. It's not because it doesn't work. It's not because it's not good. I know people who are doing six and seven figures a year in Network Marketing, it is because of some bad promotional, some bad sales practices out there. But like anything else, there are some good people, and then there are some bad people. There are some good businesses and there are some bad businesses.

So really what Network Marketing is? 

It's a business structure that allows us to get paid. It allows you to get paid that allows you to build your team.

I mean, what is Network Marketing? Like the word says, it's networking marketing. So you hire agents. You bring in a team. You build a team of agents that go out and promote the business for you; just like you're doing for the person that you're reporting to, that your sponsor is. 

How is this different than what a realtor does? So for example, a real estate brokerage is made up of a number of agents and those agents all pay him or her, a commission based on their sales; they split the commission with the brokerage. That's a networking marketing plan. The broker gets a residual from any deals that the agents do. Within those brokerages, there are also teams of people. Those teams are usually made up of a team leader who has multiple agents working for him or her, and those team leaders have buyer's agents or seller agents. So again, it's the same thing.

But just about every business that you would look at is structured that way, a big corporation has vice-presidents of sales, who have sales directors, who have sales managers, who have business development, people, or salespeople, all a hierarchy of salespeople, sales by default works best when you have a multi-level marketing approach to commission structure. So really that's all Network Marketing is. 

It's a way in which you can benefit from a commission structure that allows you to get paid for multiple levels below you and allows people above you to get paid from you and your people as well.

So, I detest Network Marketing. If you get a response like that, just move on. And obviously, they haven't done a lot of thinking about what Network Marketing can do for them. And they were bombarded by some bad people out there trying to solicit them and trying to sell them the wrong way. Okay. 

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